About Us

OrderMyOil.com is the premier online fuel dealer. We have been perfecting the craft of online fuel sales since 2008 when we transitioned from traditional fuel sales to online sales. Prior to 2008 we had been selling fuel the old fashioned way since 1978! Yeah, we've been around for a long time.

We were one of the pioneers in selling discount heating oil on the internet! Since our launch many have tried to duplicate but no-one has come close to our great discount heating oil prices and overall service.


Simply stated we are a company developed to keep our heating oil customer happy by supplying them with quality home heating oil at discount prices.  We are dedicated to giving you the lowest price and the best heating oil possible.  We are also dedicated to doing this with a hassle free approach to ensure you are completely satisfied with your experience buying home heating oil from OrderMyOil.com.

Heating oil prices have climbed to historic highs.

Over the past couple of decades heating oil prices have climbed to historic highs. During that time the home heating oil industry has seen a massive shift from “full service/full priced” oil companies to more economic “discount” or “C.O.D.” oil companies. The consumer just isn’t willing to pay for the extra frills that the big oil companies are offering; they don’t want to be locked into crazy contracts and high priced heating oil.  Why pay more; when you could be paying so much less? For the same heating oil!


OrderMyOil.com works on one of the lowest margins of any oil company in the country. That means you save on all of your oil deliveries! Why would you use anyone else? You could save over $50 per delivery with our discount heating oil prices. That’s $50 extra dollars you could spend on gas for your car or a night out on the town! The average savings realized by using our discount heating oil prices is around $500 per heating season! That’s a lot of gas or a really great night out on the town.

If you're not buying from OrderMyOil.com you have to ask yourself “Am I getting what I am paying for?” With our discount heating oil prices you always get the most bang for your buck! Not only are you going to get the most competitive oil price; you'll also experience a hassle free process. With OrderMyOil.com you will have a reliable company that brings decades of experience and a desire to please consumers second to none.

The process is simple. Fill out some web-forms, request a delivery, and you’re all set! It’s that easy! All your information is stored on our secured server and is never shared. Enter your zip code and see if we service your area. Then start saving on your home heating oil today!

Lets face it; energy cost have skyrocketed and we have no choice but to buy home heating oil, because we need it, but we do have a choice in who we buy it from and how much we pay for our oil. Take back control over how you get your home heating oil! OrderMyOil puts you back in charge of your energy needs.

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